Friday, November 07, 2003

First book. Wow, how exciting. Okay.

Dead Famous by Carol O'Connell

I have a very vivid memory of buying Mallory's Oracle at Smith's when it first came out in paperback. I think I fell in love with Mallory a little. I've read all of the series so far and have enjoyed each one. This one is no different. I liked jumping into the middle of the story and feeling off-balance until more than halfway through the book. Mallory herself is much the same - utterly rational and loyal according to her own internal guidlines. I never really feel like I have a handle on her and I think that's what fascinates me so much and why I keep reading this series. I like how Mallory is almost on the periphery for so long, keeping the mystery to the character. The plot was good - not too obvious, a few nice little twists. Honestly though, I don't read O'Connell's books for the plots.

Next up: The Thin Man

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