Monday, January 05, 2004

Next (whew) was Sara Paretsky's response to our post 9/11 world, Blacklist. I was reading this on New Year's Eve and let's just say I wasn't the happiest of campers that night. Between the political outrages in the book and having been with my right-wing parents for over a week, I was a little on edge. I definitely liked this better than McDermid's. I didn't spot the murderer, for one, but I also enjoyed how it played out. The McCarthy trials/Patriot Act parallels didn't feel too heavy handed and showed the gray areas in which we live and operate. I like that Paretsky's novels rarely, if ever, have truly happy endings, which makes sense seeing how Warshawski primarily deals with financial and business crime (with murder as a regular result of such) and we've seen how well those people get punished. While the reader may find out who did it, there isn't a nice Law and Order finish with the big bad guy being shipped off to jail.

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