Monday, January 12, 2004

Saturday night I was deciding which books I was going to give up on and just take back to the library and I pulled out A Beautiful Mind, which I've been meaning to read since, oh, the movie came out and have never gotten to. I started flipping through it and reading paragraphs here and there and before I knew it, I'd skimmed the whole thing. It was interesting enough that I will probably go back and read it in depth later when I don't have so many books clamoring for time. One thing though: I knew there was an outcry when the movie came out about how it didn't depict Nash's sexuality accurately. I thought maybe it was just an overly intense friendship here, a longing look there that they didn't stick in there... but no. It was full-fledged long-term sexual relationships with men that they just somehow overlooked for the film. That's such a major thing to not put in a biopic. It's just weird. It's not like doing a movie of Liberace and insisting he was straight or anything, but maybe like not acknowleging Bowie's past assertions of bisexuality or Lou Reed's or something like that. It's a documented part of history, people. It couldn't be that Russell Crowe objected - the dude has played gay before (and quite well, I might add). Weird. I wonder why they would write it like that?

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