Monday, April 12, 2004

I discovered Ridley Pearson and Dennis Lehane right around the same time. It was heaven finding two more excellent mystery authors to follow. Not to mention gorging on their back catalogues. Ridley Pearson's new one, The Body of David Hayes isn't his best, but his lesser books are still better than a lot of the mysteries out there. This one focuses primarily on Lou Boldt and his wife, as the guy with whom Liz had an affair comes back into their lives, blackmailing Liz to help him get the money he'd embezzled. There's not nearly enough LaMoia and barely any Daphne and Bobbi. Boldt is operating outside the lines for a good part of this one and it suffers as a result. So far, Lehane has the advantage because his last, Shutter Island, has had people cursing me for making them miss deadlines because I recommended they read it.

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