Monday, April 26, 2004

Man, what to say about The Confusion by Neal Stephenson? It's the second book in his Baroque Trilogy and I wouldn't recommend even attempting it without first reading Quicksilver (possibly Cryptonomicon too. Although that one could also be read as a distant fourth entry in the series). The focus is a little tighter in this book - mostly on Jack and Eliza, without the jumping forward in time to follow Daniel Waterhouse attempting to go back to England. This means Daniel's cliffhanger from the first book will not be resolved until the third. But there's plenty of action without that storyline - Eliza and Jack's fortunes rise and fall every chapter and there are pirates, commerce, war, love, sex, death, religion, philosophy, science, and math to keep things moving along. Villains are punished, as are the good. And there are plenty of moments of lunacy and humor to keep things from getting too heavy.

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