Monday, April 05, 2004

Sunshine by Robin McKinley was next. I've had this book on my shelf ever since it came out, but haven't felt in the mood for it until now. Which is surprising, since this is a vampire book and she is one of my favorite authors. I attended a reading she did last fall for this book and she was really wonderful and opinionated. Knowing she's a fan of both Buffy and the Anita Blake books makes it easy to spot the influences (Sunshine owes a bit to Buffy and the world she inhabits has bits and pieces from the Anita Blake alternate United States, not to mention the amount of gore in the final battle). She says this is her "vampires for wimps" book and that does hold true - there's not as much gore or fighting (or sex) as in other vampire books. It isn't boring at all though, don't get me wrong. She creates a fascinating world and lets little hints about its history and culture out every so often. The characters are appealing and intriguing, which is good because the whole thing hangs on the main character, Sunshine, and her near constant inner monologue. Complaints? Almost none, actually. This definitely has the feel of an opening book to a series and if it were by any other author Amazon would have up a listing for the second book already. But that's not how McKinley writes. I hope her Story Gods gift her with a sequel because I would love to know more about Sunshine and her family.

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