Monday, April 05, 2004

Who Killed My Daughter by Lois Duncan is another Daisy book. Lois Duncan's youngest daughter was killed in what the police insisted was a random shooting, but which Duncan and her family believe was drug and gang related. The opening chapters of this book were incredibly hard for me to get through because the one thing that will make me cry, no fail, is something happening to one of my brothers or sisters. The frustration of dealing with the police, the shock of learning of the activities in which her daughter was involved, and the grief were almost overwhelming to read about. Early on, she turns to psychics for help with discovering details of her daughter's murder and they prove to be helpful and insightful. I actually didn't have a problem with this part of the book. I'm the last one to say there is no communication between the dead and the living. There's a long history of precognition in my family (great-grandpa, grandpa, mother, etc), not to mention the beliefs of my religion. So, yeah.

I'm curious if there has been any progress made or some sort of follow-up written. Daisy?

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