Friday, May 21, 2004

I'm late to the world of comic books or, uh, "graphic novels" - the new preferred term to try and get some respect from the literary world. I may laugh at the term sometimes, but it's true that comic books have come a long way and the medium has been put to great use in the last few years. One of those groundbreaking comics series is Watchmen by Alan Moore. This is generally cited, along with the Sandman series, as being a rebirth or renaissance of sorts for the format. And with good reason. Watchmen features a killer story, a great imagined alternate world where masked vigilantes were outlawed in the late 1970s and Richard Nixon is still president in 1985, and a colorful cast of characters, including the creepy and uncompromising Rorschach. There is sex, violence, vulgar language, love, and a depressing ending. I can imagine when it first appeared that it was revolutionary. Even now it has a great appeal and definitely stands the test of time.

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