Monday, May 10, 2004

Jennifer Government by Max Barry was a recommendation from Rae. When I got it I thought the author sounded familiar and when I finally got around to reading it, I discovered that he was familiar because I'd read his first novel, Syrup, which I vaguely remember liking a lot. This one is almost a companion book to Feed in that consumerism and industry have taken over society to an alarming degree. In Jennifer Government everything is privatized, even the police and government, and they have to raise funding to investigate anything. The title refers to the fact that people take on the last name of the company for which they work: Hack Nike, Hayley McDonalds, Jennifer Government, Billy NRA, etc. Jennifer Government is investigating the deaths of 14 people who were killed in what the reader knows is a guerrilla marketing campaign for Nike. The plot is first and foremost and the ideas raised aren't really anything new. Luckily it's funny and moves quickly so that doesn't really matter.

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