Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I breezed through Wigfield by Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, and Stephen Colbert, a slight, but funny, fake nonfiction book about the small town of Wigfield, which is actually just a small shantytown of brothels and funeral homes which formed on top of a toxic waste dump by a dam. The best parts were the photos of the residents, all played by the authors in various disguises. Who knew Stephen Colbert would make such a fetching stripper named Raven? Hee! The book is very much in the style of their previous works and collaborations (Strangers Without Candy, The Daily Show, etc) and while I didn't exactly laugh out loud, I did read the whole thing with a smile and the occasional chuckle.

I'm currently in the middle of a big ass biography of Lord Byron, a collection of essays on the future of science (although I may just skim the rest because someone else has a hold on it), and a collection of nonfiction essays by David Foster Wallace. I'm gonna need something fun and frivolous soon...

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