Monday, June 21, 2004

I tend to lump Michael Connelly in with Dennis Lehane and Ridley Pearson (and Jeffrey Deaver too, I suppose, but I'm leaving him out because he gives me the creeps) because I discovered them all around the same time. He's always come last in that little trilogy though. I think it's because I like Lehane's and Pearson's main characters more than Harry Bosch, Connelly's detective. In Lost Light which is not his newest, but the one right before it, Harry has left the force (I remember reading the one where it happened but I can't quite remember why he did) and starts working on an unsolved murder case from a few years ago. Certain parts of the mystery were pretty easy to guess (I mean, duh, of course it was an inside job at the bank!), and I knew the terrorism angle was a red herring right when it first came up. That part started to feel a little forced, but Harry got to say to the Department of Homeland Security guy what a lot of us feel, so I forgive Connelly for it. It was good, but nothing really shocked me or made my head spin like Lehane and Pearson have done. I guess Connelly remains in third place.

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