Monday, June 28, 2004

Next I skimmed through Contra/Diction: New Queer Male Fiction and Mondo Barbie, neither of which were particularly strong. There was only one story in Contra/Diction that really impressed me and that was mostly because it was political and set during the Gulf War and had very strong parallels between our current situation and then. The rest were fairly forgettable and I skipped a lot of them after only reading the first page. Barbie had a bunch of poetry in addition to the short stories. The best entries were the A.M. Holmes story that I'd read previously and a science fiction story about murders in a religious sect where all the members had plastic surgery to make them look identical - and like Barbie. The other stories weren't horrible, but not terribly interesting and the poetry was stuff I would've found very deep and meaningful when I was in college. But really, the repetition of themes surrounding Barbies just became a little tedious. I guess these are two examples of why I've always disliked short story collections...

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