Monday, July 26, 2004

I finished Kage Baker's The Anvil of the World, her first non-Company novel, late Saturday night (actually, very early Sunday morning). It's not exactly a novel - more like three novellas with the same characters, set in the same world. As a novel (which is how it is presented), it feels a little disjointed and each "chapter" seems just a little too abrupt, but as a collection of novellas it works just fine. They're funny and action-packed, with appealing characters and observations, and Baker manages to fit in a decent amount of world-building in a very short time. The last one is the best (I rushed through dinner to get back to it), even though the environmental lectures and parallels got a little obvious. Overall, I prefer her Company series, which is one of the more innovative and interesting science fiction series going right now, but she's proven with this book that she can write excellent fantasy as well.

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