Friday, July 16, 2004

The rest of my week has been spent in the company of Graham Greene's Travels With My Aunt. I've been taking my time with it because it just isn't the kind of book you can rush through; I wanted to savor each story and interaction. In my head Aunt Augusta is played by Ruth Gordon as a kind of amalgam of her characters in My Bodyguard and Harold and Maude. She is amusingly and casually criminal with a kind of blithe self confidence that seems to come from having lived a long and interesting life. I was sympathetic to Henry and his rather dull existence (while at the same time reassuring myself that my own life is much more lively...) and understood why the excitement that his aunt brought would be difficult to give up. Once you've escaped from passivity and dullness, it is hard to be content going back. The book is funny and poignant and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you to the random surfer who stopped by long enough to recommend it. I'm glad this was my first Graham Greene and I look forward to reading his others.

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