Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Since I was in a Sean Stewart mood, I pulled out Mockingbird to read. It's the most similar in tone and style to Perfect Circle, and also set in Texas. This one is about two sisters who inherit mystical gifts from their mother. The main character is Toni, who has the responsibility of bearing the visitations from her mother's "gods", who take over her body (very much like multiple personality disorder). She's pregnant, has lost her job, finds out she has another sister she never knew, and has to help plan a wedding. Seriously, is there anything Stewart can't write? Toni is wholly believable; she's sensible and resistant to magic, but realistic enough to acknowledge what's happening and bitter about how it has influenced her life. Her sister's fiance, Carlos, and his Muertemobile make me laugh (up until they get creepily effective) and I love that the sisters call his mom "La Hag." None of the characters lack dimension, even the bit players, and he makes you feel and smell the heat and humidity of Houston in the summer. It's just a great book. It's the first one of his I read and the first that got me hooked on him.

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