Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Well, after all the sex and murder in the last book, I decided to take a break and read about yet more sex and murder... but in a really funny way in Janet Evanovich's Ten Big Ones. Ten books in to the series and I still giggle every couple of pages. So what if the characters aren't as fresh as they once were or if the central romantic dilemma has been going on a bit too long? They make me laugh and I have yet to worry that I'm missing any hidden depths in them. They're simply pure, escapist fluff and this latest installment is no different. Except this time Evanovich brings back a favorite character of mine, Sally the transvestite from Four To Score, which was actually the book my friend and I wanted to try and turn into a screenplay at some point. (That didn't ever happen, by the way.)

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