Monday, October 25, 2004

The second short novel I read this weekend was The 25th Hour by David Benioff. Spike Lee made this into a great movie and I've been interested to read the source material since I saw it. I have to say he did a fantastic job getting the story onscreen. This is the story of Monty's last night of freedom before he goes to jail for seven years on a federal drug conviction. Knowing the ending kind of took away from the suspense of wondering what would happen to Monty - would he get killed by his boss? Would he commit suicide or run away instead of going to jail? But the book is less about the mystery than it is about the friendships and relationships that Monty has. I loved the characters - Benioff makes Monty sympathetic and conversations between the other characters bring up big ideas about the fairness of drug sentences and who is to blame for the drug problem in this country. And I love that New York City is as much a character in the book as the people are.

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