Monday, December 20, 2004

I finished up Winter House by Carol O'Connell yesterday. O'Connell's Mallory series is one of my favorites because of the unusual nature of Kathy Mallory, an intense and beautiful sociopath and a police detective. In this book Mallory is faced with a woman who could possibly be her future: Nedda Winter, one of the survivors of a massacre that left nine people, including most of her family, dead, and who has been missing for 50 years. Not only has she resurfaced in the very house from which she disappeared, but has drawn police attention for killing an intruder in self defense. With an ice pick. Which just so happens to be the same type of weapon that was used to kill her family. O'Connell's plots, while nice and complex and compelling, are largely vehicles to explore Mallory and this book is no exception. This time though, instead of protecting her, the people around her line up to protect Nedda and even Mallory shows her some consideration, perhaps recognizing how the early violence each experienced formed and shaped them in similar ways. There are some interesting relationship dynamics that shift in this book and I'm excited to read the next one to see how they affect her.

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