Monday, January 31, 2005

The combination of a couple of late nights and early mornings (and impending sickness) made me seek out less challenging fare last week. Enter Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys by Eric Garcia. Cassandra French is a successful, single woman who decides that she's sick of the way men treat her so she kidnaps them and instructs them in basic grooming, manners, etc. Things spiral out of control, of course, as more people get involved, including a major Hollywood star. It's an interesting premise and Garcia succeeds at carrying it off mostly because he is a very funny writer with a talent for one liners like, "Lexi had lost even more weight since the last time I'd seen her, and is now officially thin enough to tread water in a hose." It's not believable at all, but like Nice by Jen Sacks, which this book resembles in tone, once you suspend your disbelief a little, it's a fun read.

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