Thursday, February 10, 2005

When I was younger my mother instituted a ban on the then newly launched Fox network. She thought that every show the network aired, except one, was horrible and that those shows were a bad influence on us kids. We couldn't watch The Simpsons because the children were rude to their parents. She found Married With Children extremely offensive, and I'm not sure if she actually objected to 21 Jump Street on any moral grounds or if I just couldn't watch it because Dad wanted to watch Murder, She Wrote. The one exception she made was for Star Trek The Next Generation. It seemed an odd fit for my mother, who, at the time, read a lot of Regency romances. (I found out just a little while ago from my aunt when I mentioned it to her that she and her brothers and sisters used to watch the original Star Trek together when they were kids.) I was a budding science fiction geek, so I didn't mind. Plus, TNG had Wesley Crusher. I wasn't allowed to drool over Johnny Depp, but I could watch Wil Wheaton every week and for a 12 year old girl starting to discover Asimov and Eddings, Wesley was the perfect crush. He was smart and cute and lived on a spaceship! After he left the show, he seemed to disappear and I moved on and forgot all about him.

In Just a Geek by Wil Wheaton he talks about what happened after that. It's actually his second book, and covers some of the same ground as his first, a collection of entries from his website. In this book he talks about his struggle to come to terms with his Star Trek experience and his fight to continue acting, before ultimately deciding that he should let it go and concentrate on his writing. He includes some early entries from his site and comments on the evolution of the site and his development as a writer. Indeed, he has improved from those early examples and several of the later entries are pretty good.

Incidentally, The Simpsons are still banned at my parents' house...

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