Monday, February 07, 2005

Yesterday I breezed through Mortification: Writers' Stories of Their Public Shame ed. by Robin Robertson. I'm not entirely sure where I heard about it, but it was probably on one of the many book blogs I read (links to which I really should put in my sidebar one of these days). It's a series of essays from 70 or so writers on public humiliations they have experienced. There are quite a few essays on poorly attended readings and signings and several describing drunken behavior. After a while a lot of them seemed to blur into each other; an unending stream of empty rooms and clueless radio and television hosts. There are a few that stand out, especially the one where the writer spotted his book in a discount bin and looked at it only to find it was a copy he had signed "To Mom and Dad..." Poor guy.

Now back to Vanity Fair!

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