Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I knew exactly what my next book was going to be - I'm Not the New Me by Wendy McClure, a writer for Television Without Pity, and her own site Pound where she first began chronicling her attempt to lose weight by joining Weight Watchers. I'm a big TWoP fan and have visited Pound quite a few times. Heck, this isn't even the first book I've bought by a TWoP writer (that would be Why Girls Are Weird by Pamie). As you would expect, the book was very funny but also moving like when she talks about her mother's weight issues or her breakups with various boyfriends. There's even one excruciating passage where she describes a guy in a bar repeatedly trying to hit on her by telling her she could get any guy she wanted if she just lost 30 pounds. Can you imagine? There was also this short exchange at a wedding where the groomsmen were dressed in kilts that made me laugh:

Peter, Round 2
"Okay, I do have a question, actually," I tell him.
"Sure," he says.
"Okay, so the kilt is cool and all, but what if you got to dress up as, like, a pirate for a wedding party, would you?" Personally and even when I'm sober I think this is a great idea.
"A pirate?"
"You know, wear a puffy shirt? And a patch and stuff?"
"Why would I want to do that?" he says.

This totally cracked me up because Daisy actually attended a wedding where she had to dress as a pirate. Come to think of it, that was in Chicago, right Daisers? Which is where Wendy McClure lives. Interesting.

Anyway. It was a fast, fun read and even includes some of the truly disgusting old Weight Watchers recipe cards that she has up on another site.

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