Thursday, June 02, 2005

Holy crap, I got memed! How exciting - a departure from my strict what-I've-been-reading format.

Total Size of Music Files on My Computer

Dude, I just barely got myself a cheap-ass laptop two weeks ago and haven't had a chance to do much more than set up some files and users and play Spider Solitaire. So, zero there. And I so don't use the bandwidth here at work to do any downloading of music, legal or otherwise because that's against city policy.

The Last CD I Bought Was

I haven't been CD shopping in a while. Of course, by "a while" I mean "about 2 weeks." That would put me at... oh! Right. Spoon's Gimme Fiction. The first song skips in my car stereo but not on any other music playing devices I have. I've already thrown away the receipt so I can't return it and get a new one. Oh well.

Song Playing Right Now On My iFruit

Rrrrright. Because I've had an extra couple of hundred dollars just lying around to spend on one of those thingies. Although I am eyeing the used iRivers on ebay for a possible purchase next paycheck. Nobody outbid me! (And I suppose I could've done without a pair of shoes or 10 and bought one ages ago.) Anyway. So, let's see. If you started my car you'd hear "Prize Fighter" by The Velvet Teen (assuming my stereo didn't decide to crap out on me again). And my discman would begin playing a live version of "Wind in the Wires" by Patrick Wolf. At home you'd be treated to whatever the first song is on a mix my friend Anne sent me. Which I can't remember right now but I seem to recall being a live cover done by Wilco maybe.

Five Songs That Mean A Lot To Me (1 per artist)

I'm choosing to interpret "mean a lot" as "most gorgeous."

1. Ravel "Pavane Pour une Enfant Defunte" - My favorite song I ever learned to play on the piano.

2. David Bowie "Life on Mars" - One of the highlights of my entire life is getting to hear him perform this live.

3. Ride "Vapour Trail" - I just close my eyes and float away on this one.

4. Old 97's "In the Satellite Rides a Star" - This one has moved me to tears more than once.

5. Radiohead "Let Down" - Anything but.

Who's Next

I'll pass it on to:


Now we'll see if they actually read my blog...

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