Monday, June 13, 2005

Saturday I read Mysterious Skin by Scott Heim for my book group. I've been a little obsessed with the movie and was determined to read the book as soon as I could. I noticed a few changes, like Eric and Wendy knowing each other in the movie but never actually meeting in the book and some other minor things (taking a bus instead of a plane, Ellen's hair color, etc), but nothing that really stood out as one betraying the other or anything. What a relief. I was slightly disappointed that one of my favorite lines wasn't in the book ("What I would later come to call "my type") and neither was the line that got the single biggest laugh when I saw it in a theater full of gay men (which I won't repeat here because I don't particularly need that kind of Google traffic). Anyway. My whole experience of the book is cinematic because I came at it from that direction and I'm interested to find out how the other readers felt about it, not having seen the movie first.

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