Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'm not quite sure I have my thoughts in order with regards to Number9Dream by David Mitchell. Gut reaction: loved it more than Ghostwritten but not as much as Cloud Atlas. On the surface it is the story of a young man named Eiji who leaves his rural home for Tokyo to find out who is father is. He hasn't spoken to his mother in years and is still mourning the loss of his twin sister who drowned nine years before. I loved the writing and the recurring images and the intimate moments with Ai and Eiji and even the crazy/scary yakuza adventures (which made me understand the William Gibson comparisons). But. I just have this feeling there was more going on there than I grasped the first time and I think I need to read it again and again to decide if I think each chapter is yet another dream, the first chapter on a larger scale, or if it all actually happened. I was upset with the ending only because I wanted it to continue and I was left wondering how dreams and the recurring number nine all fit into the meaning and why the last pages are blank and what that means for Ai and Eiji and everyone else that I grew to love. Is the thunder god still exacting his payment or did Eiji never actually leave that stupid cafe?

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