Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I almost forgot - I read Louise Welsh's novella Tamburlaine Must Die during lunch yesterday. It's a quick little mystery speculating on the last few days of Christopher Marlowe's life. She puts forth that Marlowe's death was actually part of a larger plot against Sir Walter Raleigh and Marlowe was killed for refusing to go along with it. It's structured as a few last journal entries written by Marlowe before he goes off to face what he is sure will be his death. There's a lot packed into this book in such a small space and everything is stripped down to its essential features as a result. Somehow though there is still room for Marlowe's wit, several murders, and, of course, sex. I enjoyed the book a lot and found myself wishing more than once that Welsh had expanded it into a full novel. I bet it would've been spectacular.

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