Monday, August 08, 2005

I took a break for a little mindless enjoyment this weekend with Through Violet Eyes by Stephen Woodworth, one of those lurid serial killer mysteries I used to live on in high school. I grabbed this one because it was clearly inspired by Phillip K. Dick, with its "Violets" who channel the dead for the government. A serial killer is preying on the Violets and an FBI agent, given guard duty over a Violet (with whom he falls in love, of course), works with his charge to solve the murders. There were some nice touches like the "soul cage" (which, oddly enough, I also encountered in a different context in The Insult). The red herrings were pretty obvious and it wasn't too difficult to figure out what was going on, but overall it wasn't horrible. I gave up on the sequel, With Red Hands, though because it only took me a little over 50 pages to figure it out and it started to get annoying. I skipped to the end and found out I was dead on with my guesses and decided that I was done with the series (a third book is due this fall). Side note: The second book got a starred review in PW. Really.

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