Monday, August 01, 2005

Rae and Claire came down to visit me this weekend and yesterday we spent all day by the pool, alternately swimming and reading. And sometimes reading while sitting in the pool. I got a sunburn (I've lost my Las Vegas base tan completely and have reverted back to the pale white ghost I was always meant to be) while reading Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. I swear I was sitting under an umbrella the whole time. Anyway. This totally rocked. Batman comes out of retirement into a world not unlike The Incredibles or The Watchmen, where superheroes are legislated against and have either disappeared or gone underground. Commissioner Gordon is retiring and his replacement makes it her first duty to issue arrest warrants for Batman, various talking heads (including Arkham's head psychiatrist) are saying he is responsible for the murders commited by the newly released Two-Face and Joker, and, to top it all off, the President sends Superman to quiet him down. There's also a new Robin, Batman complaining about sore muscles, a nuclear bomb exploding, and a nice twist at the end. I've already placed my hold for Batman: Year One.

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