Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I completely forgot to write about Thirsty by M. T. Anderson yesterday. I reread it over the weekend and was surprised by how dark it was. I mean, I remembered it was dark, but I'd forgotten just how much. Maybe that's because Burger Wuss was so funny, but Thirsty is even darker than Feed. That ending! Let me back up a little. As the book begins, Chris finds out he is turning into a vampire. In his reality, vampires are common, but reviled, and are executed immediately upon capture. He is approached by a higher being named Chet who wants him to infiltrate the vampire group in his town and prevent them from releasing their Vampire Lord. In return he is promised that he will be cured and will return to normal. He begins to doubt Chet's motives and himself and is caught up in a situation where he is rapidly losing control. It's my least favorite of Anderson's books, but it still stands out from other YA vampire books.

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