Tuesday, November 15, 2005

When Daisy read Cassandra At The Wedding, she said it reminded her of The Velvet Bubble by Alice Walker. So of course I had to read it too. I must say though, I'm really glad I took my time reading this book and didn't have the time to sit and read it straight through, because spending several hours straight in Dorrie's company is not a comforting thought. It's written in the first person, so you see everything through her twisted viewpoint and the more you learn about her father, the more odd her attachment seems. Not that it ever seems normal at all though. And is, in fact, not only creepy, but also crazy. And not the funny kind of crazy - we're talking seriously twisted pathological, get that chick some therapy and medication now kind of crazy. Talk about your unreliable narrators! It's disturbing, but actually kind of fun to put together what really happened. Thanks for the recommendation, Daisy.

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