Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Not too long ago over on Neil Gaimon's blog someone mentioned Over The Hills To Fabylon by Nicholas Stuart Gray as an example of an excellent kid's fantasy book that shouldn't be out of print. The synopsis sounded cute, so I decided to check it out. And it was very cute. Fabylon is a kingdom where, at the least sign of trouble, the king can invoke a spell which whisks the city over the impassable mountains to safety. Unfortunately the current king startles rather easily. It's more of a series of linked short stories about the king and his (grown) children, but each one is more adorable than the last. I didn't go into sugar shock from the cuteness though, which means it managed to walk that fine line between sweet and cloying very well. And I think I've gotten way too used to looking for subtext because the hoyay was fairly jumping off the page at me. It somehow seems very wrong to notice that in a children's book, but it was totally there.

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