Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A small vacation round-up:

Despite being off work for nearly two weeks, I read very little. I blame it on 1) the hand held solitaire game my dad got for Christmas and 2) hosting family over New Year's.

I did manage two books, the first of which was Everything Changes by Jonathan Tropper. I was initially uninterested in this book because the summary didn't really appeal to me, but Daisy liked it, I enjoyed his other books, and it was sitting on the new table when I needed to test a selfcheck machine. And it was good - definitely better than I expected. I laughed quite a few times and it reminded me a little of Indecision what with the whole late twenties life crisis thing. I still like his The Book of Joe the best though.

Next up was Just One Look by Harlan Coben, an author I had very little interest in until I found out he went to the same university as DFW and they had classes together. I know. Lame reason. But that's the truth. Also, Daisy sent me a proof copy of one of his books ages ago and I thought I should try him out. So, of course, it was great and I'm now totally excited to read his other books. This book was just a really solid, better-than-average thriller about a wife who discovers an old photograph in her pack of new prints. She shows it to her husband who freaks out and takes off. It twisted and turned and even when I knew there had to be connections, I couldn't figure them out. Sweet.

Now I think I'll avoid work some more and maybe work up a best of the year post...

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