Thursday, March 23, 2006

And then this week I read Everything I'm Cracked Up To Be: A Rock And Roll Fairy Tale by Jen Trynin, a musician I've been a fan of for over ten years. I bought Cockamamie back in college and her last album Gun Shy Trigger Happy was the soundtrack to my summer of 1997. So when I heard she was writing a book about her experience in the music business I was very interested to read it. She was the subject of a huge bidding war and was pegged as the next big thing, but had the misfortune to be eclipsed by the Alanis Morrisette juggernaut "You Outta Know". I didn't follow music as closely back then and had no idea about all that, so it was interesting to find out about it now. The tour portion of the book reminded me a little of Radiohead's Meeting People Is Easy with its sense of disconnect and utter exhaustion combined with Trynin's frustration as she slowly realizes her record company has lost faith in her and is planning on cutting their losses. It's a shame because I think she made two very good records. But in a business where even Liz Phair ends up singing backup for Sheryl Crow, I guess there wasn't room for her.

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