Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Last night I read Avalon High by Meg Cabot, which was very cute and I enjoyed a lot. It's a YA novel about Ellie (actually Elaine, named after the Lady of Shallot) whose parents are medieval scholars on sabbatical for a year in Maryland. As she begins to make friends at the new school, she starts to notice strange parallels between the legend of King Arthur and her new classmates. There's Will, the quarterback and most popular guy in school, his girlfriend Jennifer, and Will's best friend Lance all involved in a love triangle. Not to mention Will's stepbrother Marco, who resents him. And what is Ellie's part in it and why does it all feel so familiar to her? This book could have been unbearably twee and precious, but it was actually sharp and funny and even had a surprise twist or two I didn't see coming. Ellie is a great narrator and I loved her honesty about what was going on around her. I've never read any of Cabot's other books, but I definitely will after reading this one.

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