Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I finished up King Dork by Frank Portman this weekend. It took me a while to finish it because I had other things going last week, but I really enjoyed it. It's about Tom (who dubs himself the King Dork) and his friend Sam, who have a band (or would if only they could find a drummer) and are outcasts at their high school. Tom discovers his father's books in the basement and starts using them to try and figure out why his father died. Along the way he has to endure the trials of high school: bullying jocks, burnt out teachers, being ignored by all girls, etc. The mystery was more of a MacGuffin, but I loved the main characters Tom and Sam and their determination to start a band, although I'm glad my high school experience wasn't as brutal as theirs. Or as mind-numbing, thank goodness. (I never had to read Catcher And The Rye once for a class.) And I must be seriously out of touch with teenage girls if they all go around dispensing sexual favors like sticks of gum. On the other hand, that could be why I wasn't that popular...

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