Monday, April 10, 2006

V: I didn't do much this weekend.
Me: Yeah, me either.
V: I just picked out a paint color for the baby's room and did a load of laundry.
Me: I only managed two loads of laundry. My big accomplishment was putting out clean towels. And I saw a movie. Oh, and I read four books.
V: (laughs hysterically) Four books. Yeah, that's nothing.

Friday I finished up A History Of The African-American People [proposed] by Strom Thurmond: a novel "as told to" Percival Everett and James Kincaid, a collection of letters and memos sent back and forth between Strom Thurmond; Barton Wilkes, one of Thurmond's aides; an editor and his assistant at Simon & Schuster; Everett and Kincaid; and various other coworkers and relatives that get sucked in. It's just as funny as the title would suggest and avoids being a one-note satire due to the truly bizarre character of Thurmond's aide.

Saturday I read Big Picture by Percival Everett, a small collection of his short stories. I have a rather ambivalent relationship to short stories, especially when I am a fan of the particular author's novels and this collection does nothing to help me resolve that. I enjoyed them, sure, but not nearly as much as I have Everett's novels.

And then yesterday I read The Big Sleep and Farewell, My Lovely, both by Raymond Chandler. Man, these were awesome. I admit to being surprised at the endings, which delighted me. Of the two, I think I prefer FML, because of its seaside locales and colorful characters, but only slightly. Both were fantastic and I'm rushing downstairs to grab his others right now.

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