Monday, May 08, 2006

I was very glad that I read the last half of Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg at the beach in the bright sunlight, because it got seriously gross and disturbing at the end. I find I'm better able to deal with gory murders and spooky happenings when I'm slightly distracted by sand in my toes and whether or not I put enough sunscreen on my nose (yes). I picked it up because it was mentioned as a unjustly forgotten noir-ish supernatural mystery, which it definitely was. It's about a private detective hired to find a famous singer who disappeared over fifteen years ago, but it quickly delved into voodoo and black magic and the occult and started freaking me out. The ending wasn't quite as shocking as it could have been because I guessed one major plot twist right at the beginning, but there were a couple of revelations I hadn't anticipated that kept things interesting up until the end.

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