Thursday, May 11, 2006

The lovely Claire gave me her ARC of Lulu Dark And The Summer Of The Fox by Bennett Madison, which I quickly devoured. It picks up not too long after the first book with Lulu now back in possession of her lost purse, up one boyfriend, and determined to have the most boring summer ever. Her plan is soon foiled by the news that her mother, a B-movie actress, is in town shooting a movie with a Lindsay Lohan-ish teen sensation. The set has been plagued with pranks committed by someone calling themself "The Fox", but Lulu tries to resist getting involved until her mother's disappearance draws her in. There is a real core of sweetness in the Lulu Dark books that I love and they are just so much fun to read. They aren't all fluff though, which I appreciate, and Lulu herself is a great character - smart, funny, and brave, with a killer offbeat fashion sense. Write faster, Bennett! I need to know what happens with Lulu and Charlie!

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