Monday, June 05, 2006

Hmm... it seems I've turned this blog into a YA Lit one. But how can I help it when there are so many good YA books out lately? The last one I read this weekend was Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock and I totally loved it. DJ is a teenage girl who took over the work on her family's small dairy farm in Wisconsin after her father got injured. Her older brothers were big high school football stars and she used to help them practice, so when the rival team's coach (a longtime family friend) asks her to train his quarterback over the summer, she reluctantly agrees. In between milking and haying, she makes him into a better player while he sparks some deep thoughts in her that help her mature and deal with her family and friends. All the details felt authentic and natural, including the characters who were so real that if it had been set in Idaho, I'd swear I was related to them. It was just all around awesome and I'm desperately hoping for a sequel.

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