Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I read The Accidental by Ali Smith over the weekend. It's about a family on holiday and a woman, slightly ominous and a stranger to all of them, who appears on their doorstep and is taken in by them. She is fascinating to each member of the family for a different reason and the changes she inspires in them have lasting repercussions beyond the vacation. Each chapter is narrated by a different family member, with the woman, Amber, only revealed through their perspectives; they project their ideas onto her, while she remains an enigma. It got rave reviews all over the place when it came out and I wanted to love it, which I almost did. I think I was expecting something a little more epic at the end, a more bold move. Amber seemed too challenging for her motives to be so simple.

I just finished reading it and didn't get it. Anyone can enlighten me? I enjoyed Hotel Word and some of Ali's stories but not sure if my English is getting worse, but didn't get the book (my mother tongue is not English). Thanks.
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