Tuesday, June 20, 2006

So all last week I was trying to plow through The Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl. You'd think I would love it given that I liked The Dante Club a lot and I love Poe, but man this book just dragged. It picked up briefly when the main character went to France to search for the real Dupin from Poe's stories to help him solve mystery of Poe's death, but then got bogged down again when he returned to Baltimore.

I finally decided that I didn't care about it anymore and tossed it in favor of some more YA goodness. I went to a author event for Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist recently, so I picked up Gingerbread by Rachel Cohn. Overall, I enjoyed it. I thought the whole doll aspect seemed a little forced at times, but I liked the rest of the story. It didn't hurt that half of it was set in San Francisco.

Then Sunday I read Cohn's Pop Princess, about a girl who was on a Mickey Mouse Club type kids show when she was younger and who gets signed to a record deal in the wake of her sister's death. She has to go through the whole star-making machine, all the while feeling that she's doing it for her sister who was on the brink of stardom herself before she was killed. My inner teen still loves the pop music, so I enjoyed the inside look at the business and the book had more depth than I expected.

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