Wednesday, August 09, 2006

While Claire was visiting this weekend, she read A Fistful Of Sky by Nina Kiriki Hoffman and left it for me to read after she left, which I did yesterday. It's about a young woman who is the only one in her family (aside from her father who is non-magical) to not transition and get wish powers when she was a teenager. When she does transition, it is at the unheard of age of twenty and her power turns out to be a dark one, the power of curses. She has to struggle to learn her limits and how to control her power, all the while dealing with a family who is used to her being the "normal" one. I enjoyed the book and it's a fast read, but I did have a few minor issues with it - the world isn't fully developed (for instance we never find out why it is that they marry people without powers), and the being she conjures was way too reminiscent of Sara Gran's demon in the excellent and creepy Come Closer for me to relax into that plot development. I enjoyed the family interactions though, and felt, like Claire, that that was the strong point of the book.

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