Monday, October 16, 2006

Late last week I read An Abundance of Katherines by John Green, which I enjoyed a lot, maybe even more than his first book. It's the story of a former child prodigy, dumped by the latest in a long line of girls named Katherine, worried that he is never going to make a difference in the world. He joins his friend Hassan, who is drifting through his post high school years, on a road trip to nowhere in particular. They soon find themselves in a small town named Gutshot where they do some growing up. It's geeky and very funny (and the inclusion of footnotes only helped).

Then this weekend, at Daisy's urging, I read The Keep by Jennifer Egan. It's got the layered story thing happening with a man in prison writing about a group of people renovating a castle in Europe, a story we're not sure is truth or imagination, before finally pulling up away from both of those to give us a third perspective on the whole thing. It's concerned with the real/unreal dynamic, both within the stories and as a meta statement on fiction as a whole, but mostly it's just an entertaining, suspenseful book that I liked enough to check out Egan's other books.

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