Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm behind again. Last week I read Wintersmith by Terry Prachett, his third YA book featuring Tiffany Aching and the hilarious Feegles. Tiffany is training to be a witch, but during a dance to welcome winter, she steps in and draws the attention of the Wintersmith with sometimes funny, but mostly disasterous results. As much as I love Death, I think Prachett's witch books are my favorites.

I also read The Open Curtain by Brian Evenson last week. I'm not quite sure how to classify it - he seems to be mentioned among horror writers, but I wouldn't put him there. Of course, I don't read much horror, so what do I know? I do know this was an incredibly creepy book. Rudd, a Mormon teenager living in Provo, while doing a school research project, discovers a murder committed by a grandson of Brigham Young that occurred in the early 1900's and becomes obsessed with it. He draws his newly discovered possible half brother in to it too and rapidly begins to lose control of whatever mental health he had to begin with. It wasn't hard to figure out at all (Daisy - you especially will spot what's happening as soon as I did), but it was still uncomfortably fascinating and well-written. I honestly don't know if this book would be more horrifying to members or non-members. Personally, being so familiar with the milieu and the types of characters made it worse for me. It became more real, I suppose.

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