Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I finished The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall yesterday. It caught my eye because it starts with a man waking up with no memory of who he is. He finds a note from himself (signed "The First Eric Sanderson") telling him he needs to call his doctor, who tells him he is suffering from a dissociative disorder stemming from the traumatic loss of his girlfriend. But things take a turn for the seriously weird as letters start arriving from himself and he's attacked by an unseen enemy. While I enjoyed the book for the most part, as it devolved into a retelling of the movie Jaws, I became more ambivalent about it. It reminded me a lot of mid-to-late Melissa Scott by way of Jasper Fforde, but I think either of those two authors would have done more with the premise. And the more I think about it, the more I suspect it could have been as affecting and exhilarating as The People Of Paper, but it just didn't go far enough. I did have fun with it though and liked it, just not as much as I wanted to.

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