Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Find Me by Carol O'Connell kind of feels like the end of the Mallory series. In this book Mallory is following the tracks of her long lost father through his old journal entries written about the famed Route 66. Coincidentally there is a caravan of parents of missing children driving the route to raise awareness of their situation. And the FBI just so happens to be investigating what they believe to be a serial murderer who buries his victims along the same route. Needless to say paths converge and more bodies pile up. As usual, O'Connell throws you into the action already taking place and catches you up along the way, a trick which is so effective at keeping Mallory's mystique going. If this is indeed the end of the series, I'll be disappointed not to see how the events of the book affect the characters, but Mallory has had a good run and I'll look forward to O'Connell's next work outside this series.

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