Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm falling behind again. Okay, so Spook Country by William Gibson was great. Like Pattern Recognition, it's also set in the present day and involves a cult musician turned journalist writing a story on virtual locative art for a magazine she suspects doesn't really exist. Of course there's a lot of other stuff going on too, and it's fun watching all the players converge and the cat and mouse games play out.

After that I read Boy Heaven by Laura Kasischke which was about three girls at a summer cheerleading camp who draw the attention of two local boys while on an outing. Things turn sinister when they start seeing the boys in the forest watching them. The writing was often beautiful and more artful than you usually find in YA books. Once I settled into it, I enjoyed it a lot.

I picked up Body Bags by Christopher Golden at the library book sale because it was the first in a series I've been meaning to check out for a long time. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. College freshman Jenna wants to be a doctor, but the sight of blood makes her ill. When her father suggests getting a job at the medical examiner's office, she is intrigued. The job puts her right in the middle of a mystery involving things too gross to mention right before lunch, and she's drawn in further when her professor, a friend of her father's, dies of the same cause right in front of her. I've checked out or put holds on the rest of the series and I'm hoping the second one comes in before I leave work tomorrow so I can read a bunch of them over the long weekend.

Yesterday I read Innocence by Jane Mendelsohn, which was pretty awesome. It owes an obvious debt to Rosemary's Baby, but instead of a young pregnant woman, it features a teen girl named Beckett (a seriously awesome nickname for Rebecca) who gradually comes to suspect her new stepmother of killing her friends for their blood and making it look like a suicide pact, with Beckett herself as the ultimate target. It succeeds, much like Come Closer, as both an allegory and as a creepy as hell story in its own right. (Obligatory no quotation marks warning for Daisy. Yeah, I know, but it does actually make the writing flow better in this case.)

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