Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I spent the holiday weekend watching Doctor Who and reading the next five Body of Evidence thrillers by Christopher Golden: Thief Of Hearts, Soul Survivor, Meets The Eye, Head Games, and Skin Deep. They were all pretty entertaining, although when read one right after the other, they definitely test one's credulity. I mean, I love medical zebras as much as the next House fan, but Golden was really reaching in Skin Deep. Meets The Eye and Head Games were my favorites of the group, especially the latter book, where we find out more about Dr. Slikowski and Jenna is back at home on vacation, facing that inevitable realization that you've moved on and are growing apart from childhood friends.

Oh, and I'm completely and utterly in love with Doctor Who. It's my new favorite show. At least until Friday Night Lights comes back on.

Last night I broke one of my self-imposed reading limits and stayed up late to finish All Emergencies, Ring Super by Ellen Emerson White, which I'm about 90% sure I read years ago. I didn't remember a thing about it, but I'd get deja vu every other chapter or so from certain lines of dialogue or a particular scene or character. I loved it, of course. It's from the author of one of my top five YA books of all time (Life Without Friends) and her wit and humor easily made the transition to an adult mystery story. It features Dana, a building super and former actress who begins investigating a suspicious building fire when one of her at-risk students asks her for help. Emerson doesn't shy away from the strong consequences of Dana's inquiries, and her climactic scene has genuine fear and tension amid the laughs.

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