Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I was excited to hear that Ellen Emerson White had a new book coming out, but it was a sequel to a trilogy and I'd only read the first book ages ago, which is not easily available from my library, so I settled for starting with the second, The President's Daughter. In this one, Meg Powers' mother has been elected president and Meg has to deal with being a teenager in the public eye and her family's attempts to keep some semblance of normality while residing in the White House. In the second book, Long Live The Queen, Meg is abducted and has to fight to escape and survive until she can return home, where she finds her physical injuries are only the beginning of how she has been affected by her ordeal. This was an intense book, to say the least. Immediately after finishing it, I dragged my sister to the bookstore so I could get the new one, Long May She Reign where Meg, still physically and emotionally crippled from her ordeal in the previous book, goes off to college. While I read it almost non-stop, unfortunately it fell a little flat. Maybe it was because it was hard to follow Long Live The Queen, or because so much of it seemed to cover the same ground a few times too many, or because I didn't like Meg's boyfriend all that much. Or it could just be that the far too brief cameo of Beverly and Derek left me wanting their sequel instead.

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