Monday, June 23, 2008

Forever ago I read Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer, which I mistakenly thought was the last book in the series, but no, apparently there's another one on its way. Which I will read as soon as possible even thought I just keep getting more and more annoyed with these characters.

Cherie Priest's Dreadful Skin wasn't as good as her others, but still interesting. It's three interconnected novellas about a werewolf and the nun hunting him across the United States in the 1800's. She keeps things less explicit in these stories, but she does slow-burn horror pretty well.

Next on the list was Jeffery Deaver's The Sleeping Doll, which I read despite the fact that his picture on the back of his books kinda gives me the creeps. I actually enjoyed this one with the whole cult murder angle. The writing wasn't great though, and if I had to read the word "kinesics" one more time I was going to pitch the book through the window.

Post-Pop Cinema: The search for meaning in new American film by Jesse Fox Mayshark didn't really rise above intro to film criticism level, but I couldn't resist the picture of The Life Aquatic on the cover and the mentions of David Foster Wallace on the first page of the introduction. Basically it argues that the certain group of directors lumped under the postmodern banner use postmodernism as a "starting point rather than a conclusion" in their movement toward a "sort of self-conscious meaningfulness."

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